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I’m Originally from The Mid-Western United States of America, But my job brought me to The East Coast where I worked 20 Years for an Employer that allowed me to Travel and See The World. I Enjoy The Outdoors, Exercising, The Water, Fishing, Swimming, Cookouts, Jazz Music, Traveling and Woman (I’m a guy, what can I say; I’m only human) I’m Proficient in Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, Conversion Marketing & CPA Marketing, SEO, List Building, Follow Up Systems and Autoresponders. I Own Several Internet Related Products and Services. Now Retired from My Brick & Mortar Job, I Love Driving My 2004 Anniversary Series Ford Mustang GT Convertible with The Top Down, and The Sun Shining on My Face. To Living Healthy Ricardo Weatherly Online Career Builders CEO http://www.onlinecareerbuilders.com Skype ID: hildogojones

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